How-To Video: Blunt Bob

While long hair was once the most coveted style, blunt bobs are one of the biggest trends of the year. Why? The super-sleek cut gives the illusion of added volume, it's easy to manage and accentuates facial features. Brush up on your skills and watch as David Shablesky, Moroccanoil Senior Education Development Manager, demonstrates a chic, blunt bob. 


  1. Cleanse and condition hair with Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Use Moroccanoil Treatment from mid-lengths through ends, followed by Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream from roots through ends as a cutting agent.


  1. Establish a natural side part. Transition the parting into a central vertical parting extending from the high point to the nape.
  2. Create two diagonal forward partings in the back and secure the hair above with styling clips.
  3. With the head upright, comb the hair to natural fall and cut the hair at 0º elevation in the comb to establish the length guide.
  4. Follow the length guide and continue to work up the head in the same manner until you reach the lower crown.
  5. Transition into horizontal partings as you cut from the back through the sides continuing to follow the length guide.
  6. Complete both sides. Check balance.

Credit: David Shablesky, Moroccanoil Senior Education Development Manager; Film/ Edit by Nathalie Garcia