How-To Video: Rainbow Color Melt

One scroll through Redken Creative Colorist Rebecca Taylor's Instagram (@rebeccataylor) and it's easy to proclaim her as the queen of all things color. Famous for her vivid color techniques, down-to-earth personality and strong social media presence—her Instagram alone has 507 thousand followers—Taylor has done her part in bringing fashion colors to the forefront. 

In this how-to video, Taylor uses Redken City Beats to transform her model's hair from a dull blonde to a spring-inspired rainbow melt and we can't get enough. "It's like painting to me," Taylor says about using fashion color. "I get to be an artist as opposed to only a service provider or an educator." Watch the process unfold below. 

Get the look:

  • Make sure the starting hair color is what it needs to be for the desired end look. 
  • If necessary, pre-lighten hair with a heavy woven foil before adding any fashion color.
  • Starting with a customized dark red City Beats color, create a shadow root beyond the hair's virgin shadow root around the entire head like a color touchup. 
  • Contrary to lightener, progressive color and permanent color, it doesn't matter where you start applying fashion color.
  • After the shadow root, add in City Beats Chelsea Coral on the mid-shaft and ends, and make sure to emulsify the two colors with your gloves for a seamless blend.
  • With direct dyes, there is no oxidation or ammonia to drive the pigment in. You're relying on muscle to make the color pop. 
  • Based on personal preference, continually add colors that blend downward from the shadow root and emulsify with your gloves.
  • Color application doesn't have to be perfect or symmetrical but it does have to be balanced if you want it to look seamless. 

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