How-To Video: Enlightened Brunette

You know that client who is eager for change and wildly apprehensive about change at the same time? We have a solution. Demonstrated by TRUSS Master Educator Gi Quintino, the enlightening technique maintains the overall natural shade of the hair while lightening takes place in the inner portion of the hair, and slightly on the bangs. 


  • Divide the top profile into two triangular sections, the first one facing forward and the other with the tip facing backwards.
  • Working with diagonal partings, lighten hair that was left out of the triangles using TRUSS Air Libre Bleaching Powder and 30-volume developer. 
  • Lighten to level 7. 
  • Rinse and apply TRUSS Bidemensional Shampoo.
  • Haircolor formula: TRUSS Semi-Permanent Hair Toner + 8x Powder + Fast Bleaching Powder + 10-volume developer. 
  • Tone hair ends. 
  • Process 30 minutes. 
  • Rinse and apply TRUSS Intensive Nutrition

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