How-To Video: Graduated Razor Haircut

There are many ways to achieve both balance and function in a haircut and why not get it done with an unconventional technique? Changing it up will certainly create excitement not only for your client, but also for other stylists in the salon -- we guarantee they are all going to want to watch you create Controlled Chaos! Controlled Chaos? YES! Have a go at this unconventional technique and just cut the darn thing! In the video below, Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken Sam Villa demonstrates a graduated razor haircut.

About: Sam Villa is Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken and Founding Partner of the Sam Villa brand (Allvus, LLC), designed to bring “More Sam to More People.”  The educational world of this Favorite Platform Artist and Educator (2012, 2011 and 2007), Favorite Overall Educator of the Year (2015), can be experienced on


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