How-To Video: Long-Lasting Curls

Humidity, hair texture, excess touching, lack of product—whatever the reason may be, sometimes your client's hair is stubborn and their curls just won't hold. Few beauty endeavors are more frustrating than spending extra time curling your client's hair, only to see that the curls have lost most of their life before you're even finished with the service. In this video tutorial, Sam Villa Education Director Andrew Carruthers shares several tips and tricks to ensure that curls stay intact through whatever comes their way. 


  • Product is essential for an all-day, all-night curl. For softer and finer hair, stay away from products with too much oil, silicone or softening power.
  • Consider skipping the last conditioner or doing one quick rinse at the end of the wash to shut down the hair's cuticle. 
  • For hold and heat protection, without the feel of too much product, add Redken Iron Shape 11 
  • Try to avoid over polishing the hair during the blow dry. The tension from the blow dry will take away from the hair's bounce when curled. 
  • If you have a client with super silky hair, try something like the Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron to help expand the shape of the hair's cuticle and better maintain curl. 
  • To let the hair fully cool and allow time for the bond to reform, pin each curled section to the top of the head. It can take up to 30 minutes for a bond to completely reform. 

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