How-To Video: Long-Layered Cut for Fine Hair

(Matt Beck)

Some stylists will tell you that long layers and fine hair don't mix. And, while there's some truth to that statement, there is a way to make the unlikely pair look like a match made in heaven. In this how-to video, watch as Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) demonstrates a simple technique that adds layers while preserving thickness and length. 


  • Section along the parietal ridge with a straight line.
  • Twist the top section into a zulu knot and clip it away for now.
  • Comb everything cleanly and cut a blunt line on the underneath section. Note: You don't want to layer any of the hair underneath because it's already super-fine.
  • Moving to the top section, take horizontal sections across the top, bring it down and twist at the desired length to create a face frame.