How-To Video: One-Length Bob with Fringe

Low-maintenance, versatile and wash-and-wear are just a few of the desirable qualities of the ever-popular bob. For clients with thick hair, a one-length bob can remove bulkiness and dense texture. On the other hand, clients with thin hair can relish in the endless styling possibilities that a blunt bob provides. It's no surprise that so many ladies are eager to join the bob squad. 

Below, Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation), founder of Free Salon Education, demonstrates a technique to achieve an edgy bob with pin-straight lines. To make it even better, Beck incorporates some fringe.

Get the look:

  • Part the hair down the center and center back. To ensure the cut is balanced, sections must be balanced.
  • Starting at the center back, create a horizontal parting on the left and right sides. 
  • Cut your baseline first, and then go in with the tip of the scissors to even everything out. 
  • In between sections, check with your hands to make sure the cut remains balanced throughout. 
  • After working through the back section, create a horseshoe section all the way around the head. 
  • Note: The size of your sections will depend on the density of your client's hair and their head shape.
  • Moving towards the top of the head, section off the fringe in a triangle section and clip it back for the time being.
  • When finishing off the perimeter, work with the tip of your scissor rather than the flat of your scissor for a softer feel. 
  • For the fringe, stamp in the length that you want while the hair is wet. Redefine the fringe when dry. 
  • To prevent tension when cutting the fringe, lift it with your comb rather than your hands. 
  • Use a flat wrapping technique when styling to maintain shape and a vent brush to add volume at the root. 
  • Wrap the hair back and forth when drying to mold the hair to the head shape and add curvature. 
  • Once completely straight, dry detail to perfect the cut. 

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