How-To Video: Remove Length and Naturally Blend

Often times when we remove length from longer hair our clients can be left with broomstick-like and heavy ends that appears unnatural. The reason? After we talk a lot of length off, we don't have the result of the natural shedding process that happens when our clients let their hair grow very long. In this video tutorial, Sam Villa Education Director Andrew Carruthers shares a technique that will bring a natural look and feel back to the hair.


  • Be sure to use a soft blending sheer, like the InvisiBlend Shear to ensure a natural look
  • Work in a vertical section and elevate the hair to 90 degrees horizontal 
  • Come in mid-strand and place the solid end of the blending shear through the hair in three pieces, utilizing a weaving technique 
  • Cut as you move through the hair, reducing weight in the mid-strand and allow those three pieces to fall away 
  • Make one or two cuts through the ends of the hair, duplicating what happens through the natural shedding process

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