How-To Video: Twisted Plait

Whether you're fresh out of beauty school or a seasoned professional, you can never be "too educated" when it comes to braiding techniques. With Game of Thrones-inspired braids in high demand, the complexity may be overwhelming. But don't be intimidated, all of these dynamic styles stem from a trio of basic techniques.

Last week, Sam Villa (@samvillahair) and Andrew Carruthers (@andrew.carruthers), walked us through part two of their three-part series on braiding basics (watch part one here). To wrap up the educational series, Villa and Carruthers are demonstrating the twisted plait: a combination of the inside plait and outside plait. The result is a twisted braid that resembles a rope. Watch the process below.  


  • Practice on rope. Learn your rhythm, exercise your frustrations and then move to the hair.
  • Utilize an inside movement and a stacked movement. 
  • Take everything from the top of the head under, and then your bottom strand goes over. 
  • Repeat rhythm: palm, pinch, over, palm, pinch, stack. 

About: Sam Villa is Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken and Founding Partner of the Sam Villa brand (Allvus, LLC), designed to bring “More Sam to More People.” The educational world of this Favorite Platform Artist and Educator (2012, 2011 and 2007), Favorite Overall Educator of the Year (2015), can be experienced on