How-To Video: Two-Strand Pull Through Braid

For those of us who haven't mastered the most intricate braiding styles, there are a handful of techniques that deliver equally cool results. In today's how-to video, Sam Villa, Redken global artistic ambassador, breaks down a simple style that's full of texture and gives your client the unique braid they desire.  


  • Prep the hair with Sam Villa Professional Texturizing Iron to enhance volume. 
  • Use Redken Iron Shape 11 when working with the texture iron, and Braid Aid 03 to add the right amount of slip for braiding.
  • Create a pony tail at the back of the head and slice it into two sections.
  • Slice the right section and create an opening to pull the left section through.
  • The braid will create the illusion of a fishtail braid without having to fishtail.
  • Finish off the style with a clear elastic and cover it up. 

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