Ouidad's Melanie J. Fahey Shares Tips for Working with Curly Hair

Creating defined curls and prescribing the perfect regime is essential for curly-haired clients. “Clients with curly hair require a very different approach to hair care,” says Melanie J. Fahey, assistant vice president of creative/education & new product development for Ouidad. “The anatomy of a curly hair strand and cuticle growth is uniquely different to that of a straight hair strand, calling for different cutting and styling techniques.”

The company has a 30-year heritage of cutting, styling and treating that caters specifically to curly hair individuals. The brand identified four specific curl types and created product portfolios for each curl pattern. She also created a comprehensive and extensive education program geared towards providing a thorough understanding of Ouidad’s practices and methodology. Here, Fahey reveals her five best tips for curly care management.

Tips for working with curly hair:

1. Properly identify curl pattern and type. This enables a client to accurately understand how to enhance and care for the curl pattern.  

2. Emphasize the need for a seasonal haircut. Whether an individual’s curl requires shaping, carving & slicing, puzzling or removal of split ends, it’s important at the change of a season to have a thorough haircut. This brings the natural curl pattern back to life, removing unwanted heaviness and cleaning up any split ends. 

3. Treat, treat, treat. Curls are thirsty and require constant hydration and nourishment. Ouidad’s Deep Treatment is an excellent way to replenish the eight amino acids and two proteins that curls 
lose over time. 

4. Recommend a go-to styling product. Whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter, this styling product is a must-have for every curl type. Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel are designed to work with humidity, not against it. The formula’s unique wheat proteins and elastin polymers expand on contact of moisture and encapsulate the curl, stopping frizz and preserving curl formation. 

5. Establish a styling method. Whether natural air-drying or diffuse-drying, Ouidad has designed a proprietary Rake & Shake methodology to ensure even product distribution throughout the hair. This method locks 
in the curl pattern for several days, so curls are quickly revitalized with a refresher spray in the morning.