Step-by-Step: 1 Braided Look, 2 Ways

Summer has us all dreaming about gorgeous festival hairstyles, and we absolutely love this one!

Fuel Educator, Ashley Deubel, created this look that’s perfect for multiple day music festivals, and it can even be restyled to give you a different look for each day.

Step 1 On dry hair, prep with Nourishing Oil. This will help tame flyaways and create more of a slip when styling.

Step 2 Part hair in horseshoe shape, taking from just above the recession area and bringing it back to the crown of the head. After you clip that off, split the rest of the hair into two sections from he crown straight down to the nape.

Step 3 In one of your large sections, create a Dutch braid.

Step 4 Repeat this process on the opposite side. After you’ve braided use Lock-In Hairspray to help with layers that fray towards the ends. Try using the back of your comb to mold them back into place.

Step 5 Create your third Dutch braid in the final horseshoe section on the top of the head. Only take the braid to the end of the section – not the end of the hair.

Step 6 Spray Lock-In Hair Spray through ends and gently back comb to create volume, texture and an anchor that will keep the bun in place.

Step 7  Wrap hair to create the desired look. Once you achieve that, place a bobby pin where each finger is to make sure it stays in place.

Step 8 Finishing touches! Use Curl Defining Lotion to hold flyaways in place around the face and throughout areas of the braids.

Bonus: Day 2 Look  Oh, and what is the most fun about festivals is that they are not usually just one day. So this style is perfect because it can be restyled for day 2! Simply take the side braids out, add in some Texture Powder to refresh hair and absorb oil, so the style is re-energized, recycled, and ready for another day!

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