Step-by-Step: Icy Blonde


It's no secret that going blonde for summertime is a huge trend. Then, like clockwork, when it comes time for fall, a majority of clients are eager to transition to a darker shade. But, for the select few that want to hang onto their blonde through the cooler months, this icy shade is a unique option. 

Watch as Farouk Systems Artistic Director Patrick Kalle walks us through the step-by-step process.

Natural Level: 7

Formula 1: Mix 1 part CHI Ionic Blondest Blonde Lighteners with 1 part CHI Color Generator 20 Volume.

Formula 2: 1 part CHI Ionic Shine Shades Liquid Color 10S with 1 part CHI Ionic Shine Shades Liquid Color Clear and 2 parts CHI Color Generator 10 Volume.


1. Section the hair in 4 sections and spray CHI Keratin. Mist over the pre-lighted areas.

2. Start applying color in the middle of the nape area.

3. Take small sections and apply the CHI Ionic Blondest Blonde Lightener in the regrow area. Stay 1/8 inch away from the scalp.

4. Continue working towards the hairline in the front.

*Processing time: 10 minutes with low heat and cool down for 20 minutes at room temperature.

5. Rinse with lukewarm water. After rinsing the color out of the hair, shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo and condition the hair with CHI Infra Color Lock Treatment.

6. Tone the hair with Formula 2.

*Process for 15 minutes.

7. Before using styling tools apply a small amount of CHI Silk Infusion through the hair.

8. Use the CHI LAVA Hairstyling Iron to style the hair and press the CHI Silk Infusion in between the cuticle for shiny healthy hair.

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