Step-by-Step: Peek-a-boo Unicorn

Unicorn hair made its grand entrance earlier this year and it's only gotten better with time. With so many different variations, there's something suitable for all hair types and skin tones. Do you have a client eager to try the trend, but apprehensive about the look? Tiffany Blair ( Regional Artistic Team member created a subdued unicorn look for those looking to experiment. Here's how:


Step 1: Start by sectioning off at the occipital in a triangle shape. Pre-lighten this section in back-to-back foils with 35ml Topchic 9 percent (30vol) + 1 scoop Oxycur Platin, feathering up to the scalp. Process hair to level 9 or 10, depending on the desired color. Then, shampoo hair and apply Elumen Prepare to pre-lighten areas. After, blow dry hair thoroughly.

Peekaboo Unicorn

Step 2: Subsection pre-lightened area into small diamond-shaped sections, using pin curl clips to keep the sections separated. Starting at the nape alternate Elumen formulas in desired pattern, isolated as you work with thermal papers.

Elumen Formulas: 

Step 3: Allow hair to process for 30 minutes before shampooing hair with Elumen Wash. Then, towel dry hair and apply Elumen Lock for five minutes. Next, rinse the hair and apply Elumen Treat.

Step 4: After five weeks, the client came back to transform color to a brighter version of the unicorn inspired color originally accomplished. To achieve that, the formula was updated to give her a more vibrant, jewel tone. Using the same sectioning technique and application method, the below Elumen formulas were used.

Elumen Formulas (used 5 weeks later):