Step-by-Step: Razor-Cut Square Bang

Bangs or no bangs? That seems to be the ultimate question many clients are having. From baby bangs to blunt, side swept and sultry, face-framing fringe is having a major moment this year and we are all about it. Even some of our favorite celebrities are flocking en masse to their stylists requesting bangs—Jessica Biel, Dakota Johnson and Halle Berry to name a few. 

In this step-by-step, the ARROJO team shares their tips on achieving a feathered, stylish, razor-cut square bang. The look is perfect for clients who are ready for a dramatic transformation.

Get the look: 

  1. Start by creating your bang section. Make a triangular-shaped section from the top of a center parting to the recession.
  2. Take a section from the outside corner of the triangle, where it meets the recession. Comb straight down and cut a square line to the desired length—usually at or just above the eyebrow, but this can be tailored to the client.   
  3. From the same side, working up and along the triangle until you reach the central parting, make and cut two more sections in exactly the same fashion.   
  4. Move to the opposite side of your original triangle and repeat. 
  5. Once all sections of the triangle are cut, comb the whole bang section forward to check length and weight. 
  6. Refine and texturize as desired.