Step-by-Step: Slipknot Ponytail

Redken Global Creative Director Guidocreated a slipknot and ponytail combination to reflect the chic, and simple style of the clothes at Hugo Boss’s Fall/Winter 2016 show.

“The Hugo Boss clothes this season are very chic, rich and simple. To complement that, we’ve created easy, natural hair that still requires some technique. I used Redken’s pillow proof blow dry express treatment primercream to prime and protect the hair before the blowdry. It’s a great heat protectant, and you can use it on its own. I used an iron to create some bend and natural movement, and then used my fingers to create a center part. The end look is a slipknot and ponytail combination. It has some style but feels effortless and gives the model a feeling of personality.”– Guido


1. Apply Redken pillow proof blow dry express treatment primer cream to clean, damp hair to cut blow dry time and add heat protection.

2. Blowdry the hair using a Mason Pearson brush to create a smooth texture and a clean hairline. Using your fingers, create a natural middle part.

3. Pull the hair back into a very low ponytail and secure tightly with a black elastic, twisting the elastic twice around the hair.

4. Once the hair is in a ponytail, pull one half of the ponytail out of the elastic to create a loop, leaving the other half to hang as a ponytail. 

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