Step-by-Step Video: Disconnected Pixie

Timeless, feminine and stylish are just a few of the words that embody the traditional pixie cut. Drawing inspiration from classic icons like Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn, and modern boss ladies like Katy Perry and Michelle Williams, you will likely have clients seeking the versatility and chicness that comes with this short and edgy cut. 

In this step-by-step, Andis Educator Dave Diggs (@davediggsthebarber) demonstrates cutting a contemporary, feathered pixie. Watch the process below.

 Get the look: 

  • Dampen the hair and create a horseshoe-shaped part, clip up. Use the Andis ProAlloy clipper and the clipper-over-comb technique to begin cutting on the right side. Follow your guide around the head, tipping the head down at the Nape.
  • Come back through and point cut over comb to add a soft finish. Start on the right and work around to the left.
  • Use the Andis T-Outliner trimmer to point cut around the perimeter. Use the corner of the blade and a tapping motion while anchoring your finger to the head for support.
  • Comb the top down. Comb the front hairline straight up, 90 degrees off the head to create your initial top guide. Use the clipper-over-finger technique to remove length.
  • Stand on left side and comb a 1-inch section at the parietal ridge out 90 degrees. Use the guide in the front hairline. This will be disconnected from the bottom and become your new guide for the top. Continue taking sections moving towards the other side of the top.
  • Stand behind your client and comb the hair straight up 90 degrees starting at the front hairline. Use the point-cutting technique to add texture continuing back to the Crown. Finish by applying a lightweight product and blow drying with a paddle brush to style.

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