In Studio: Tips for the Perfect French Braid


Add some joie de vivre to clients’ hair with this unique twist on the classic French braid. Lucie Doughty, editorial director for Paul Mitchell, explains.

1. Apply Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam to damp hair and blow-dry.

2. Lightly spray Paul Mitchell Dry Wash on the scalp and surface areas of dry hair for added control and texture.

3. Create a deep curved parting on the right side and vertically down the center.

4. Following the hairline, begin an outside French braid. Take curved pivoting sections along the top of the head, leaving the widest part of the section at the bottom.

5. Continue the French braid along the hairline, incorporating bottom hair only after the braid passes the side of the head. Secure the braid with a band and repeat on the opposite side.

6. Pull the braid to expand the section and style.

7. Finish with Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray. —K.K.



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