Three Valentine's Day Step-by-Steps from Sebastian Professional

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and all beauty lovers know that this is one of the most fun holidays to take your clients style to the next level. Whether you’re looking to recreate a super-edgy look or master a simple step-by-step, Sebastian Professional has the style you are looking for.

Here find three looks created by Sebastian Professional International Artist Antony Cole.

Look One

Channel inner reality star diva with this edgy slicked back hair style.  


1. Mist Sebastian Professional Trilliant on to damp hair before blow drying for thermal protection

2. While blow drying, brush hair back till it is completely smooth

3. Apply Sebastian Professional Resintek to the roots of hair, slicking it back with a comb to get a wet

Look Two

Create unique style by adding a twist to this trendy look with Sebastian Professional:


1. Mist Sebastian Professional Stylbrid 9 on to damp hair before blow drying

2. Establish a arced part from the arch of the eyebrow, curved to the nape of your neck

3. Run Sebastian Professional Shine Crafter on lower section of the part and slick back from the rest of your hair

3. Twist the slick backed section towards center of nape and secure with pin

5. Release the top section and comb loosely over back

6. To Finish, spray hair with Sebastian Professionals Trilliant for protectant and use a styling wand to create loose curls

7. Hold the style in place using Sebastian Professional Zero Gravity

Look Three

From Pop Queen to Pop Princess, create a classic 80s easy-to style step-by-step using Sebastian Professional.


1. Strat by using a boar bristle brush to comb all of your hair up to top of your head

2. Rub Sebastian Professional Shine Crafter on hair to smooth flyaway around the perimeter of head

3. Secure the high ponytail with elastic bungee

4. Take 1 inch section from behind the pony tail and wrap around the elastic band and secure in place with a bobby pin

5. Spray with Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce for control and shine

6. Finish by misting Sebastian Professional Stylbrid 9 through pony tail for added texture

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