Why Offering Extensions Could Boost Your Business Right Now

On average, there are 1.2M searches every month in the US for Hair Extension, which is very high volume relative to other hair styling product searches, data from Spate Research shows. It’s grown 25.7 percent in searches since last year with very high competition. There are 20 market leaders, led in volume by Bellami, Boho Locs and Zala.

The growth in hair extensions may have been inevitable, especially after the stress of the past two years when hair loss became a growing concern. Hair extensions can also switch up one’s hairstyle from short to long and provide immediate fullness and volume.

Related searches include terms such as: near me, tape, best, curly, salon, how to, short hair, and permanent. Consumers searching for “near me” and “salon” indicate an interest in receiving their hair extensions professionally installed. Search queries range from hair tinsel to braid extensions, from clip-ins to tape-ins, and have curly and short hair top of mind when seeking hair extensions. 

Leaders in the professional beauty industry like Danielle Keasling have become known as experts at offering the service. For more on how to become an expert, check out her podcast episode with American Salon.


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