Color How-To: Blue Steel

Who says ladies have to have all the fun? While some men are turning to the grooming industry to simply maintain their looks, others are taking a walk on the wild side with vivid haircolor. In today's how-to video, Farouk's Color Director, Richard Jordan, walks us through a bold color application using CHI's Chromashine line.

Pre-Lighten Formula:

  • CHI Blondest Blonde with equal parts
  • CHI Color Generator 20 Volume to create a clean canvas.

Formula 1:

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  • 1 oz Out Of The Blue
  • 3 drops Shades of Grey

Formula 2:

  • 1 oz Shades of Grey
  • 1 oz Viva Violet
  • 1 drop of Onyx

Step 1: Start 1/8 inch away from the scalp, apply Formula 2 throughout the fringe and crown area from root to mid-shaft

Step 1B: Use your hand and a comb to control the shorter hair while applying hair color. Then gently feather the color on the root area at the fringe.

Step 2: Continue around the outline of the head with Formula 2, saturating the root area thoroughly

Step 2B: Be sure to outline the temple, around and behind the ear as well as the burn area

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 from the crown to the nape on the opposite side of the head

Step 4: Use your comb to pull Formula 2 through to the ends, from the fringe to the crown area

Step 5: Apply Formula 1 to the thin teeth of the comb on both sides

Step 6: Process the hair for 10 minutes at room temperature then rise the hair until the water runs clear

Step 6B:Towel dry the hair and apply CHI Color Lock Treatment to the hair for 5 minutes, rinsing with cool water

Step 7: For the final look, use a light amount of CHI Twisted Fabric Styling Paste all over to get desired style


  • Step 1: Apply a light amount of CHI Finishing Pomade to the entire head, to add definition and shine
  • Step 2: Use your fingers to push and twist the hair into the desired style; use more product if need be

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