Everything You Need to Know About Our Podcast

Have you heard the word? Gordon Miller, American Salon Publisher / VP, Integrated Media, is serving up weekly doses of inspiration. Through his engaging and relatable podcast series, American Salon Stories, Gordon is forging connections between iconic artists and young crafts people.   
His portable series is catching on fast. With a lineup that has included Vivienne Mackinder, Nina Kovner of Passion Squared, Robert Cromeans and Jenny Strebe, to name a few, he’s creating a cult-classic following. Listener Stephanie Hodges, confirms, saying, “I took Nina and Gordon to the dentist with me this morning. Is anyone else binge listening these podcasts, or is just me?”
As Gordon adds valuable content to his bank of artist interviews, we’re left with the perfect bend of advice and industry-specific experience. “What hairdressing is today, is a lifestyle,” says Robert Cromeans, Episode 9. “That’s what people need to identify with.” And, as it turns out, the craving for community connection is universal, no matter where you are in your career. “I’ve always wanted to connect to hairdressers,” confirms Robert. “It’s interesting to get inclusiveness within the industry. I think the internet helps with that,” he muses. “I’m fascinated with the internet and content.”
Similarly, behind-the-chair stylists and salon owners are getting much-needed support from the information that flows through the broadcasts. “For various reasons I’ve struggled with my career over the last two years,” says listener Frank Prescott. “Weekly, I’m on edge, waiting for new podcasts, hearing that I’m not alone in the trials and tribulations of our industry. The tips, tricks and stories of overcoming adversity have been a breathe of life into my career,” finishes Frank.
So, for the perfect experience, and relevant advice that you can count on, week after week, head over to Gordon’s American Salon Stories. “They are incredible,” confirms Hodges. “Give them a listen.”