This Easy Technique Will Help You Cut Curtain Fringe

If you combined classic Brigette Bardot with a splash of Kate Moss, you'd probably wind up with a variation of today's curtain fringe. As one of the hottest current trends in the hair industry, curtain fringe is a low-maintenance, easy-to-style bang that works with your client's hairstyle, allowing them to have freedom with the way they choose to wear it.

What's more, the style is universally flattering and works with just about face shape or hair length. Matt Beck, owner of, created a tutorial to help hairstylists master the art of cutting curtain fringe, and you truly won't believe how simple it is. 


  1. Take a triangular section from the high point of the head. The edge of the eyebrow should be the recession point. 
  2. Combing straight down, start working with a 1/2 inch parting from the recession point.
  3. Break up each individual section from the original triangular section so you don't lose your guide.
  4. Cut the hair with half-opened, half-closed scissors for a textured feel. 
  5. Over-direct everything to the center as you cut to create a curved fringe feel.
  6. Bring down the next section, pinch each smaller section and begin cutting with the half-opened, half-closed scissor method. 
  7. Repeat with each section.


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