Hairbrained Q&A with Tanya Ramirez


At Hairbrained, our team knows that there’s nothing like the power of positive thinking to get you excited about achieving your goals. With that in mind, we want to know: “What inspires you?” Whether it’s time spent in the great outdoors, popular culture, fashion, music or architecture—we want to hear from you; what drives you to go after your dreams?

This week, Hairbrained wants to shine the spotlight on one of our earliest and most diligent members, Tanya Ramirez of Untamed Instinct. Her art highlights the perfect blend of passion and integrity. Keep reading to discover how Hairbrained has helped Tanya to grow her brand, and learn what keeps her inspired to keep doing what she loves, every day.  

Q. As an artist, you focus on liberating your clients and encourage them to express themselves creatively through their hair. How do you help to facilitate this?

A. Through a thorough consultation with my clients, I’m able to determine the best look for them, plus get a full understanding of their expectations. I do my best to really 'get in their head' and see them as they see themselves, in the best possible way. People will judge us almost instantly based on hairstyle, hair color and style choices. So I try to manifest the best expression of the clients’ personality through the fabric of hair. Ultimately it's about trusting one another and showing that I truly care about them—not just their business. What hairdressers do on a day-to-day basis is about so much more than just hair. It’s about breaking through and transforming the perception of self.

Q. What does your brand Untamed Instincts represent to you? 

A. I’d like to think my brand represents a willingness to evolve, to constantly change and grow. From self-discovery to empowerment, it’s really about owning your look, unapologetically. I have a favorite tag line: "Unleash your spirit and discover the transformative power of hair that tells your story. Get untamed!"

Q. You’ve been a longtime member of Hairbrained and have submitted countless images to the site. What inspires you to contribute to your craft hairdressing community?

A. Hairbrained is an authentic, united community of hairdressers that have come together globally. I really can’t say enough positive things. I’ve always encouraged my craft hairdressing friends to get involved and get inspired.

There is a constant stream of brilliant hair imagery on Hairbrained and I want to be part of that. Just as I glean inspiration, my hope is that I, too, can inspire other hairdressers through my work.

Q. How has Hairbrained helped you to develop and grow within your craft?

A. Hairbrained has been key in the development my career. Shortly after I joined the HB community, my first video (which was based on Fibonacci's Spiral) was discovered and published by Modern Salon. Then last year, Estetica Magazine found my work on Hairbrained and they shared a few of my films on their website. Now American Salon is featuring me! As an independent hairdresser, I’m honored and humbled to have my art shared on that level. It’s a pretty amazing feeling!

On a personal level, I've made so many lovely friendships with other craft hairdressers from around the world. They’ve inspired me to be fearless and free with my ideas.

Q. You seem to be full of passion and drive. Can you share a favorite inspirational quote?

A. I have a couple of quotes that seem to roll around in my head. They serve as reminders to focus on the moment and be present, in order to produce my best work. They are: “Do good work, consistently,” and “Keep it simple, stupid.”

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