How-To Video: Cutting Curtain Fringe

While there's a type of fringe for almost every face shape, curtain bangs are having a major moment right now. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Alexa Chung and Kirsten Dunst have all rocked their own variation of the Brigitte Bardot style and proved just how versatile the look can be on long, short and wavy hair.

In today's video, Matt Beck, (@freesaloneducation) owner of Free Salon Education, walks us through a curtain bang tutorial, stressing the importance of keeping the look more piecey and less blunt. 

Get the Look:

  • Brush the hair back, find the center part and look for the curve of the head—usually about two inches from the hair line. 
  • Find the balance of the comb and draw the triangle to section off your fringe.
  • Braid the sectioned piece while working on the rest of the haircut. If not cutting, section it away with a ponytail. 
  • Blow dry the fringe section prior to cutting. Try to avoid adding too much tension. 
  • Pass over the fringe with a flat-iron—diagonal one way, and then diagonal the other way to emphasize the shape of the forehead.
  • Using a tease cutting technique, pinch everything in front of the nose and half close the scissor, sliding back and forth. 
  • Overdirect across the opposite eye/opposite side of the head. Create disconnection first, clean up edges afterwards.
  • Go in with a texture scissor and soften the tips of the fringe.