How-To: Razor Techniques with Nick Arrojo

Overarching Tips 

  1. You must always be aware of where the razor is. 
  1. Make sure to close the razor anytime it is not in use. 
  1. For those who are new to the razor, make sure the blades you are using have a guard attached. This will help you avoid accidents while you master the tool. 
  1. While holding the razor, be it open or closed, always be aware of your body position
  1. The objective is to hold the razor in-between the index finger and the middle finger, nice and tight. Your thumb should be placed on the groove of the grip and, with this snug fit, you should be able to make a wide range of motions, while feeling confident in your level of control. An easy method to achieve the grip is as follows: 

Step by Step

  1. Beginning with the handle on top, open the feather plier razor to a T-shape, with the blade facing up. The handle will be facing down toward the ground. 
  2. Face your palm up and slide the razor between your index finger and middle finger while resting your thumb on the grip. The guarded side of the blade faces you and the open side of the blade faces the client. 
  3. The open side of the blade makes direct contact with the hair. 
  4. Once you have your grip, you will notice that there is plenty of room between the blade and the thumb. This has dual benefits: One, this space makes it much more difficult to cut yourself; two, you still have three free fingers, which means you can comb and cut with the same hand, leaving the other hand free for other work that may be required, such as holding and moving the hair as you cut.

Check out more of Nick Arrojo's tips in the video below!