How-To Video: Adding Organic Dimension to Brunettes


If you sit back and look at the hair industry as a whole, you might notice that brunettes have fallen by the wayside. Blondes have taken over our social feeds and brunettes have kind of lost their spunk—typically lacking dimension and sticking with monochromatic shades.

In an effort to bring brunettes back to life, Redken global artist George Garcia sat down with Redken's global creative director Josh Wood to come up with a game plan. The result? A collection of nine different brunette techniques and looks using new Redken products. Garcia joined us on our Facebook for a live demonstration of one of the techniques, incorporating balayage in a modern and organic way for brunette clientele. 

Get the Look:

  • Using Redken Color Fusion 4N + 20-volume developer, section the hair into quadrants and apply the color section by section at the root. 
  • Be sure to saturate fully, especially around the hairline.
  • After painting the base globally, go through and choose areas where you want brightness, movement and texture to show.
  • Taking previously painted diagonal section, use your comb to pull out a triangular section.
  • Elevate the hair to 45 degrees and be sure to add a significant amount of tension.
  • Use the body of the brush to apply the lightener on the mids.
  • After balayage is complete, apply Redken Shades EQ 07g globally.