How-To Video: Drab to Fab with Colormelt Extensions

Dimension, color without commitment, length, volume and styling ease are just a few of the client benefits that come from extension application. From the stylists perspective, adding extension application to your bill of services almost guarantees a high return on investment, and continuous and constant return due to required upkeep. Plus, getting certified for extension services is easier than you may think and can give you a leg up on competitors. 

Below, Hairtalk Extensions Artistic Director, Victoria Casciola, demonstrates a full-head application using colormelt extensions and walks us through a simple upstyle post application. 

Application tips: 

  • Starting at the nape, apply 23 over 8 for a highlighted effect on top and a darker effect on the bottom. 
  • For the second row, apply 24 on the bottom and then a 23/8 in colormelt extensions on top for an ombre effect. 
  • As you work up, continue to use 23 on the bottom so that the color pops. 
  • Be sure that the sections you take match the density of the extension you are applying. 
  • Use a "stop, drop and roll" technique to ensure the tape-in isn't too close to the scalp. 
  • If the client is multi-dimensional with their natural color, it's important to mimic that with their extensions. 
  • As you move closer towards the scalp, switch to petite extensions to ensure the extensions are undetectable. 
  • For more vibrancy near the top of the head, put a 24 on the bottom and 23/8 on top. 
  • Take sections of hair that are wider than the extension tab to prevent pulling and breakage.