How-To Video: Face-Framing Long Layers

Even though we're expecting to see an entirely new collection of haircut trends in the new year, there's one cut that remains highly requested year in and year out: long layers. A client favorite because of its flattering style, versatility and ability to remove just the right amount of weight while adding movement, the long-layered cut is here to stay. In today's how-to video, Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) demonstrates his go-to technique for cutting long layers with face-framing style. Here's how:

Get the Look:

  1. Prep the hair with marula oil and fully saturate to smooth, control and add shine before the cut. Brush the product through with a flat paddle brush to ensure the product touches ever strand of hair. 
  2. Separate the hair into four quadrants. 
  3. Comb the hair straight down and determine the "weak point" or where the density starts to thin out a little. Cut your base line there if your client doesn't want to lose a lot of length.
  4. Moving into the elevation point of the cut, use the previously cut section at the nape as your guideline. When you elevate the hair, the nape section will fall out and that will indicate where you should start cutting.
  5. Work on pie-shaped sections off that diagonal forward on 1/2 inch to one-inch sections depending on the density of the hair.
  6.  Follow the head shape around to create more rounded layers. 
  7. For face-framing layers, take your section and over direct across your client's forehead. Use a slide-cutting technique.
  8. Pay attention to your client's face shape. If layers are too long, it can make a woman's face appear shorter.