How-To Video: The Minimalist Men's Cut

In an age where everything is embellished and sometimes overcomplicated, a minimalist cut pares things down to bare bones and by definition, simplifies life and all aspects of it. By comparison, any haircut that requires little time and maintenance can be qualified as a minimalist cut. Celebrities like Adam Levine, Nick Jonas and Olivier Rousteing have all glorified different variations of the style and proven that sometimes, less is more. 

In this how-to video, Danny Amorim (@successaddict), Andis International Educator, demonstrates trimming a beard, mustache and sideburns to create a reverse fade that blends into a minimalist cut. Watch the process below:

Get the look:

  • Use the Andis Master Clipper #1 attachment with blade halfway open. Tip the head slightly away. Start at the sideburn, work down into the beard going with the grain to remove bulk. Leave the length in the goatee area.
  • Open the blade completely and fade up into the sideburn from the top of the cheek with a quick c-stroke motion to create a reverse fade into the haircut.
  • Close the blade halfway and continue the same process, working slightly higher up the sideburn.
  • Close the blade and repeat moving ¼ inch higher, working in a small area to create a tight, consistent blend.
  • Remove the attachment, open the blade and repeat steps 2-4, working slightly higher into the cheek and sideburn to finish the blend.
  • Using the #1 attachment, blade closed, trim the hair on the upper lip and just below the lower lip. Pull the skin taught if needed.
  • Remove the attachment, blade closed. Use the free-hand technique to trim the excess hair around the chin.
  • Use the Andis T-Outliner to trim the hair around the perimeter, pull the skin taught to create a sharp line. Tip the head back, work in gentle downward strokes under the jaw and outer sideburn.
  • Decide the best placement for the top beard line. Invert the blade and glide upwards on the cheek to remove length.
  • Curve through the sideburn to avoid a boxed shape. Work up into the temple, using just the corner of the blade. Turn the trimmer upside down and glide down the cheek to define the upper beard line.
  • Turn the blade sideways to line the outer and inner moustache. Anchor your other hand to hold the jaw in place. Use your mirror to check for balance.
  • Use the corner of the blade to clean the shape of the goatee area around the mouth and chin. Then apply product to finish.

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