Michael Levine: Work Extra Hard to Give Yourself a Raise

This week Michael Levine talks about the power of working hard and showing up. It's a classic 'Michael rant' filled with some great real life stories  combined with his on-target insights into how to build a great career and business. At the heart of his message is the idea that we are very much in charge of our own destinies – and that the extra effort is all it often takes to elevate our lives. 


About: Michael Levine has been a hairdresser since 1993. Having had the luxury of being trained by incredible mentors and learning from some of hairdressing's icons from very early on, Michael has been featured on stages across North America almost from the beginning of his career. Opening his first salon, called Statik in 1998 with his wife and no other staff, Michael Levine has built a multi-award winning salon company through developing new talent and rather than by hiring stylists with a clientele. Michael currently has 50 employees, a product company, 3 salon locations and 2 academies in Vancouver, British Columbia.