Salon Success: Six Steps to Productivity


A question Antony Whitaker is often asked by salon owners is; “How do I get my team to be more productive?” The answer, is ‘that there isn't one thing’, as I often say ‘there is no magic wand’, it’s a combination of many things that create a ‘culture of productivity’, balanced with a ‘culture of creativity’. Here's my top 6 bullet points to increase team productivity.

1. It starts in the interview

It starts by employing the right people. Before you even employ a new stylist make sure that potential stylists are aware that your’s is a salon where productivity matters, that results are measured and goals set.

I know that this is not the fun, sexy, creative side of what we do, but without productivity the business isn't able to develop creatively. Like most things it’s about finding a balance between the two.


2. Induction

During their first week in a new job all stylists need to have a thorough induction into how the business is run, what you can expect of them and what they can expect of you.


3. Training

Ongoing training for all of your team in every area, from the technical and creative to the customer service and communication skills.


4. Set individual and team goals

What gets measured gets managed. It’s important to set goals at both an individual and team level. Having targets and being accountable for the end results is part of having a culture of productivity.


5. Give them the results

Make sure that you keep score, everyone needs to know how they have performed. Give them the results daily, weekly, monthly so that they know what the score is!


6. Incentive and reward

Money is important to everyone, but money alone is not enough, incentive and reward encompasses not just money but positive reinforcement, recognition and acknowledgement of a job well done.

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