How-To: Double Process Blonde and Shadow Root

Meet Crystal: a client who attempted an at-home straightening treatment, and had to wait for her hair to fully regrow after damage. She hasn’t been to the salon for a color treatment in nearly two years. The biggest obstacle? She wants a dramatic color transformation. I’m sure we’ve all had clients in a similar situation and our first instinct is typically, “Wow this is going to take a while.” Don’t panic. Remember, time is money and taking your time is crucial to maintain the integrity of your client’s hair.

Watch below as Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) demonstrates a double process blonde transformation and shares some helpful coloring tips.


  • Mix Paul Mitchell SYCNRHOLIFT powder lightener with 30 vol cream developer and 1/16 oz of Olaplex No 1.
  • Working with small diagonal forward partings, paint from ½ inch off the scalp all the way through to the ends.
  • Because the scalp will be the hardest to lighten, work through the entire head first, and then go back to the scalp to avoid irritation.
  • When you start to work on the other side of the head, mix a separate bowl of product to ensure that both sides lift the same.
  • Working with pre-existing partings, go through the head and touch up the scalp.
  • To create shadow root, work on towel-dried hair and apply Paul Mitchell The Color XG 6PN on the roots. Pull through ends to add extra depth.
  • Let process for 10 minutes.
  • Formula 1: Mix The Color XG High Lift Platinum with 40 vol developer and Olaplex for ends.
  • Formula 2: Mix The Color XG 9PN with a dash of 7PN and 10 vol developer for midshaft.
  • Paint Formula 2 through the mid-shaft and Formula 1 through the ends to neutralize any remaining yellow and lift.
  • Process for 30 minutes.

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