Word Play with Sam Villa

Sam Villa Global Education Artistic Director for Redken, free associates with Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark.

Pepper I always say, paint it black. Because I love black pepper.

Dragon Khaleesi. I love Khaleesi. I love Game of Thrones. One of my dreams is to do Khaleesi’s hair for that show.

Cocktail Margarita on the rocks.

The time of my life Has to be a Redken symposium class I did called Sam I Am. My father was involved in it. I happen to be in this industry because of my father, he was a barber. I used to work in his barbershop and shine shoes, and I hated it. I always told myself, I’m never going to do what dad does—stand on his feet all day and cut hair. But look at me now. At that symposium, my dad opened up my show with a scene from the barbershop, where I was a little boy, shining shoes. I could never forget that.  

Relationship My lovely wife. 

TV Show My favorite, American Idol. 

Mullet The mullet is back. Excuse me, it’s not called the mullet, it’s called the moo-lay. But it’s not so achy breaky, where it breaks your heart. It’s more of a soft mullet. It comes from you girls wearing a skirt that’s short in the front and long in the back. The fashion industry calls that a high-low-rise skirt. I call it a mullet skirt. Welcome back the moo-lay.

Chocolate Dark chocolate. I can’t get enough dark chocolate. 

Feather Farrah Fawcett. 

Neighborhood The neighborhood I grew up in as a little boy, Carlsbad, New Mexico. I’ll never forget that a neighbor wrote a newspaper article saying that he lived next door to three kids that would never amount to anything because they’re monkeys, and they climb trees all day. When I started becoming somebody, my mom would always send him the newspaper and magazine articles, and she’d say, look at my son now, he’s no monkey.

Disco Taking me back to my old days—that long hair, curly hair, John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever.

Heart The heart of being a hairdresser, and what does it mean? It’s about people. And you have to remember, people buy people. And then they buy things. You stand behind a chair every day. Stand behind the chair with  a huge heart.