How to Bring Winter Hair Back to Life

(MEGAN GRIMM (@megan.e.grimm)

The winter cold is one of the biggest stressors when it comes to hair, skin and nails. During the winter months, we often see brittle, dry ends, dry scalp and lack luster color. Of course we do our best to send our guest's home with some of the best professional hair care to help fight against all the elements, but sometimes take-home masques and leave in conditioners are not enough to ward off the damaging affects the season has on hair.

So, what is really happening to hair in the winter? Did you know that many people report they lose more hair and the Winter? Have you ever noticed that hair seems to grow a little slower in the colder months?

Believe it or not, it is not just the cold that's wreaking havoc. Constantly changing from the cold outdoors to the heated indoors really stresses the hair and scalp, ultimately causing it to become brittle and dry, moisture depleted, and sometimes flaky.

Lucky for us, this is a fabulous opportunity to not only to revive our client's hair and bring it back to a healthy, shiny, bouncy state, but also an opportunity for stylists like us to take in a little more income during the slower season.

My number one winter service is actually a combination of two services. Typically, these are considered add-ons to an original color or cut appointment. After all other services are performed, I start with an Ultimate Treatment. This treatment is LÁNZA's solution to equalizing the hair's porosity. By offering this treatment, I am adding back all the missing moisture and other essential nutrients that give hair its shine, softness, and elasticity.

The second treatment is my Emergency Service. This particular treatment targets the compromised portions of the hair shaft. This two-step process rebuilds the scaffolding of the hair structure, and the second step is allowed to cure in the hair for48 hours all missing elements of healthy keratin bonds. The results: a whole new head of hair.