The highly-informative webinars last approximately forty-five minutes followed by a fifteen-minute Q&A session.

One area that I find a lot of salon owners and stylists get stuck in is the answer to this question, “What are accepted and realistic levels of productivity…

When it comes to professional hair care, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. That’s the core message behind System Professional.

The New York City-based beauty innovation company provides a platform for top hairstylists, beauty professionals, product formulators and beauty lovers.

In anticipation of this year’s NAHA event, we talk to the nominees who share their inspiration, excitement, and advice.

July 1 is "raise your haircut prices day in the USA". I will share elements of the how-to, why-to and do-to of price increases in the "wealthy…

American Salon’s podcast series debuted in February, and each week since Publisher Gordon Miller has spent time chatting with leaders in the salon industry.

Statistics show that the number one reason people buy something new is because of word of mouth. How do you capitalize on word of mouth?