Hairtalk Extensions Artistic Director, Victoria Casciola, demonstrates a full-head application using colormelt extensions.

Peach hair fits the bill perfectly for those looking to experiment with a subtle fashion color. 

Matt Beck demonstrates his easy method for the classic “cool girl” cut.

BeautyX is a series of knowledge-sharing summits, each focusing on a key topic essential to entrepreneurial success.

Perfect for that subtle pop of color, this layered blue and silver has us mesmerized.

We are in the change industry—hair grows, products change, seasons change, trends change. How do you get your team to adapt?

With cozy, textured clothing and sharp, light-reflective hair, Affinage's Tracey Devine created a winter-esque collection.

Jon Reyman, Aveda Guest Artist and Owner of Spoke & Weal, Los Angeles, didn’t have the best attitude when he first started beauty school.