Nubia Suarez is an expert when it comes to cutting curly hair—so much so that the New Jersey-based salon owner has developed her own technique.

Whether it's a-line, blunt or layered, there are many different ways to approach the bob cut.

Cutting techniques vary greatly depending on hair texture, especially when it comes to thick, coarse hair.

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The '70s heyday style is experiencing yet another resurgence, and clients are requesting shag haircuts in all shapes and sizes.

Mark your calendars: The Professional Beauty Association announced it is opening the 2021 North American Hairstyling Awards Entries on June 11th, and

This fresh take on the classic bob has three major elements. Read about them here.

Each tool has its purpose, and we can create any look by understanding the capabilities of the tools at our disposal.

For the Oscars, Saiorse Ronan went for a chop.

Picture it: Your client is sitting in your chair scrolling through her photo gallery to find her haircut inspiration photos.

The winter cold is one of the biggest stressors when it comes to hair, skin and nails.