Laci Meeks, owner and stylist at The Salty Mane outside Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA, is preparing to reopen her doors after Gov. Brian Kemp gave the gre

During these hard times, as much as we might try, it’s tough not to feel stressed, insecure and fearful of what the future holds.

It’s vital for us to work to remain grounded during these difficult times. We are experiencing something unprecedented in our history.

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Creating any sort of vibrant color requires a lot of preparation and planning.

Let’s dive in to a few tips that I’ve learned that can make your next color melt application a lot easier.

Each tool has its purpose, and we can create any look by understanding the capabilities of the tools at our disposal.

Whether you're new on the floor or you’ve been in the game for 10 years, establishing a clientele is a necessity if you want to be successful.

The more I work with curly hair, the more I realize that curls go through different phases depending on what we’re going through.

In the past, the ability to grow your business and brand relied on traditional news sources and expensive ad campaigns. Today, however, social media i

A consultation is an opportunity to listen to the needs of those who need our help and an opportunity to display some credibility. Here are couple of