Applicants must apply by March 31, 2021, with the goal of businesses using these funds to keep their business open and retain their employees.

Like many parts of our culture, 2020 has exposed some cracks in the very foundation of the beauty industry.

From business advice to industry inclusivity to race vs. texture to handling the challenges of a pandemic, Access Beauty covers it all.

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The economic impact of the US beauty industry and its workforce on their communities is staggering.

Danielle Keasling shares her tips and tricks for choosing and caring for extensions, and some pretty life-changing advice.

It’s important to give yourself a few days of rest and relaxation to gain back control of your life and find your much-needed zen.

NYC-based salon owner Nunzio Saviano posted a video of cutting curtain bangs on TikTok, and the response was unexpected.

Hear their top tips and advice for ending the year on a high note on the latest episode of Access Beauty!

Two salon business coaches share words of wisdom.

Now, more than ever before, beauty and wellness companies are looking to technology to simplify their daily processes