The show floor was teeming with cutting-edge products and tools, inspiring in-booth education and world-renowned platform artists

A sharp contrast to the vibrant and vivid colors that were on trend only a few months ago, pale pastels are now the style du jour.

The beauty industry is thriving and paving a new landscape for experienced hairstylists to emerge into successful salon owners.

Her work and a big following on Instagram have helped Sunnie Brook achieve star status.

Salótto’s new concept for a truly customized client experience is headed for success.

Pearl has colored the hair of many high-profile people in the fashion and modeling industries, including Hailey Baldwin, Sara Sampaio, Carli Bybel and more.

How do you capture more time to get your stuff done and still have some life left over?

Destiny Cox is a global educator, platform artist & founder of DCI Academy.