For salons with growth plans for this year, there's an opportunity to recruit in a way we haven’t seen for years.

Business (and life, really) is about building relationships. Just like you advertise for new business, you should actively advertise for new staff.

Like many parts of our culture, 2020 has exposed some cracks in the very foundation of the beauty industry.

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From business advice to industry inclusivity to race vs. texture to handling the challenges of a pandemic, Access Beauty covers it all.

Here, she shares insight on repairing damage, how hairstylists can work to bring clients' curls back to life, and how to take care of curls at home.

There are a few key ingredients that have secured their spot in this celebrity esthetician's arsenal.

The younger generation (whether it's the tail-end Millennials or Gen Z) on your staff comes with a different set of needs and management skills.

Celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey just launched FYFE Beauty, an app that makes shopping for products and trying new looks easy to do from home.

Making money in business is a simple equation.

Award-winning HOB Academy international creative director Akin Konizi offers his best tips for beautiful hair photography.