Get the Look: Beatrice Grannò & Simona Tabasco's Romantic Waves

"The White Lotus" acresses Beatrice Grannò and Simona Tabasco both sported romantic wavy hair at the 2024 Emmy Awards, with their red-carpet styles achieved with Olaplex products.

Here's the breakdown for their Emmy Awards 2024 hair looks: 

Beatrice Grannò's Tousled Bob

Beatrice Grannó's Tousled Emmys Bob

Beatrice Grannò stepped onto her first Emmy Awards red carpet in Armani Privé Couture topped with a tousled bob.

Rena Calhoun worked with Olaplex to achieve bouncy, lived-in waves that complemented "The White Lotus" actress' signature fringe. The celebrity stylist featured the process on a GRWM Instagram Reel.

“We were inspired by the dress. It’s really feminine and has floral appliques and sequins, and we wanted it to feel really soft and romantic," Calhoun says. "It was really just about softness and femininity. She loves volume, so I wanted to give her as much volume as possible. And her bangs are super cute and frame her face really nicely.”

She said Grannò loves a voluminous style, so she chose a look that was a little undone but still put-together.


Celebrity stylist Rena Calhoun and Beatrice Grannò

Calhoun dampened Grannò's hair to give it a neutral foundation. “I usually like to do the bangs in the very beginning when the hair is wet, because most people have cowlicks in their hairline,” the stylist says. She used a wrap-drying technique to brush the bangs into shape.

Next, Calhoun took inch-wide sections and sprayed Volumizing Blow Dry Mist through the roots while making sure the ends had as little product as possible. Then she rough-dried her hair at medium speed and medium heat.

“If you use too high of heat, it can make the hair feel a little too silky and too slippery, and it takes away from me being able to mold it. It's harder to work with,” she explains.

Once the hair was 90% dry, Rena used a round brush to create a lift at the root and let that set in a pin curl for about 15 minutes. Then she took it down, brushed it out, and applied a small amount of OLAPLEX Nº.7 Bonding Oil to the ends. 

“The Bonding Oil is great for adding a little touch of shine at the ends," she says. "It gives a perfect sheen that’s not heavy."

Next, Calhoun used a half-inch iron and curled small sections throughout while changing directions to make sure the style looked as natural as possible. “By changing directions and curling one way and the next section a different way, nothing looks too uniform.” 

Finally, she used 4D Clean Volume Dry Shampoo to fluff the hair out, pulling the strands apart and breaking them up. “By taking some of that uniformity away, it makes it look a little lived-in and softer."

Simona Tabasco's Old Hollywood Waves

Simona Tabasco's Emmy Awards hair

Emmy nominee Simona Tabasco stood out at the 2024 awards show in a colorful floral Marni dress capped with silver-screen siren hair channeling the legendary Veronica Lake. The inspo: Old Hollywood with a modern twist.

Celebrity stylist Peter Lux worked with "The White Lotus" actress on the style. “She was picturing an old Hollywood kind of look with a modern twist to it,” Lux says. “The look felt so right for the dress she was wearing.”

“I feel like this look is never out of fashion, but it’s important to keep it modern and young by keeping the waves longer and retaining movement in the hair.” 


Simona Tabasco's Emmy Awards hair

First, Lux washed and conditioned Simona’s hair with No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner. Next, he applied a generous amount of Volumizing Mist on the roots, followed by five drops of Nº.7 Bonding Oil through the ends and mid-lengths, and one pump of Nº.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum for heat protection.

“I love using the Bonding Oil on wet hair before blow-drying as it provides the hair with nourishment," he says, "and the shine it leaves on the hair is unmatched. My favorite product to start off any look."

Lux blow-dried her hair over a natural-bristle round brush to seal in the product for maximum shine. Then, he used a medium-sized iron to curl the hair in a forward motion around the barrel, clipping each section. “Once all the hair has been curled, I leave it cool out for five minutes,” Lux says.

After removing the clips, Peter applied a couple more drops of Nº.7 Bonding Oil throughout. 

For the final step, Lux brushed her hair thoroughly to blend the sections together for a ‘closed’ finish with a mirror shine, then used hairspray to hold the style in place.

Pro tip from Peter Lux:

“If you want to try the look, always curl the hair towards the face to get that gorgeous wave. It’s important to brush out the sections very well to get that seamless blend. Sometimes it’s helpful to curl the hair a second time once it’s brushed out, which will make the hairstyle last and make the surface even more even."