3 Barbering Pros Team Up for New Grooming Goods Brand

Left to Right: Miguel Gutierrez, Sofie Pok and Julius Arriola, the founders of STMNT Grooming(courtesy of brand)

Sofie Pok, Julius Arriola and Miguel Gutierrez are major forces in the barbering space, and they're taking things a step further by introducing STMNT, a new grooming goods collection designed to rewrite the standards of grooming. 

Made up of four lines, one curated by each barber plus a general care line, STMNT features 14 products ranging from shampoos, conditioners and all-in-one care to pomades, sprays and powders for both long and short styles. 

"I wanted to work on STMNT because of the authentic approach and collaboration to build a new grooming line from scratch with Julius and Miguel," Pok says. "The chemistry between the three of us, and all the experiences each of us had, made this even more special and even stronger as a brand."


Designed by L.A.-based, award-winning barber and international educator Sofie Pok, the Staygold Collection is a genderless and lifestyle-driven three-piece set designed to make an authentic, bold statement with a range that goes beyond the ordinary. Sofie’s dedication to personal growth and technical perfection is reflected in the formulas—from powders to fibers to transformative textures. Products include Spray Powder, Wax Powder and Fiber Pomade.

"My inspiration behind these products was from personal experiences I faced in barbershops and moments I’ve had with clients that came to life when finding a product that helped them compliment the haircut," Pok adds.


Designed by L.A.-based barber, educator and show host Julius Arriola, the Julius Cvesar Collection aims to break the mold of grooming standards and inspire people to manifest their own statement in a bold way. These formulas are designed with the ability to cocktail, for truly tailored styling. Products include Hairspray, Shine Paste and Matte Paste.


Designed by Miguel Gutierrez, UK-based traveling barber, photographer and storyteller, this collection blends his love of travel and photography with a passion for people and barbering to master his craft. Miguel, STMNT’s Nomad Barber, brings the very best of barbering from around the world to perfect a range of classical products, including Grooming Spray, Classic Pomade and Dry Clay.


Together the founding collective have also created a five-piece line up of high-performing care products designed to create the perfect canvas for styling. The STMNT Care core collection includes Shampoo, Conditioner, All-In-One Cleanser, Beard Oil and Bath & Body Cleansing Bar.

To shop the products, visit Ulta.com.