Wahl Launches the Hi-Viz Trimmer

Wahl has introduced the new Hi-Viz Trimmer, which allows barbers to see the details of their blade work, leading to more precise cuts and results.

Leo Wahl invented the trimmer category and Wahl has continued to make innovations in the industry for over a century. Wahl worked for over two years to carefully engineer the Hi-Viz Trimmer for maximum visibility with advanced precision blades, adaptive speed control, and an ergonomic ComfortCurve design. 

The new Hi-Viz Trimmer was assembled by hand in the USA and designed specifically for professional barbers striving for flawless results. The Hi-Viz Trimmer features Wahl’s proprietary wide T-Blade that provides enhanced visibility, allowing barbers to get into the details even in the hardest to reach places. The blades feature a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating ensuring precision cuts and low temperatures during use. Adaptive Speed Control senses the differences in hair density and thickness and automatically adjusts the motor speed, giving the cleanest cut with every pass. The Hi-Viz Trimmer boasts an all-metal, lightweight, and well-balanced ComfortCurve construction that allows barbers to execute cut after cut with full control. Finally, the Hi-Viz Trimmer runs for over two hours on a 45-minute charge.

Garrett McGuire, Wahl’s global brand director, states, "With advanced engineering and blade development at our home factory in Sterling, Illinois, the Hi-Viz Trimmer is packed with features for barbers who live in the details. We’re thrilled to introduce the highest level of quality in high visibility trimmers to support barbers who want to be at the top of their game.”

Barbers and stylists who are ready to upgrade to the Hi-Viz Trimmer can do so beginning in September for $199 at wahlpro.com or by visiting their local distributor.