Hairbrained Q&A: Mazella&Palmer

Each Mazella&Palmer collection is born from an ever growing world of culture and design.

Haircutting philosophy varies globally, and at Hairbrained, our community is stimulated by an array of international contributions. This visual content excites, inspires, and enhances the Hb experience. One such contributor is internationally acclaimed brand Mazella&Palmer. Seamlessly blending suitability and precise technical abilities, M&P delivers electric, visual content, which never disappoints.

Read on to get up-close with Dove Palmer, Director at Mazella&Palmer, as he dives into detail regarding the ‘M&P difference,’ plus learn about why he supports industry-wide collaboration, versus competition.

Q. What’s the ‘Mazella&Palmer point of difference?’

A. “We offer a very academic education system that’s easy, simple to understand – and it’s universal. We don’t say don’t use this tool, or use that one. We give students the information, and we let them choose how they’d like to work with it. Technique is technique, and you develop it how you want to develop it.”

Q. How do you take a concept, and translate that concept to hair?

A. “For us, there’s only one things that’s in fashion, and that’s suitability. Trends come and go. A lot of companies release a collection, and that’s the haircut – they just place it on everybody. Well, if the hair is exactly the same as the original model, it could work.” But, he adds, if there’s a point of difference in the bone structure, face shape or texture, it could be that your original haircut is no longer the best option. “First it’s suitability,” he reaffirms. “It’s knowledge, and it’s technique – you work around that.”

“A lot of today’s creative work is all about ‘putting a hard line in.’ It’s ok, it’s fine, but it’s like Lego pieces – you stick a piece here and you stick a piece there. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Q. What are your thoughts on collaboration over competition?

A. “For me, it’s collaboration, every time,” says Palmer. In fact, he adds, when we started the brand, JB and I discussed how rappers have made themselves famous by collaborating. “By themselves they weren’t strong enough, but together, they put out music that made them household names. I think that’s what’s been happening in the industry for the last six years. You have great, collaborative shows like NOISE – if you don’t know it, it’s an amazing event – that’s how the industry should work. It’s about brining the best people together.”

Finally, Palmer recommends that hairdressers (both young and old) continually invest in themselves – and in the development of their craft. “If you don’t practice, or develop what you do, we won’t improve. If we don’t improve, then the industry won’t move on. What we’re doing now is the base of the future of hairdressing.” So, he finishes, that leaves hairdressers with a certain amount of responsibility.

Discover Mazella&Palmer’s work, plus the work of other exciting, global artists, at Question and answer session complements of: Federico Advanced Education.

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