Hairbrained Quick-Tips: Master the Basics of Photography

Photography and hairdressing go hand-in-hand, but it’s not always realistic to hire a professional photographer each time you need to capture your work. Though many stylists rely on their cell phones to capture high-quality images, it isn’t always ideal or reliable.

Instead, consider mastering the basics of a handheld camera for more consistent results. Here, Bill Schrlau, Hairbrained Member, shares his tips for nailing a basic indoor shoot.

“I’m learning the basics of photography so I can capture my clients and salon models,” says Schrlau. “I know that doing this will help me to progress professionally. I’ve worked with several local photographers to get my settings just right and I’m excited about this. Working this way has helped me to achieve images that appear more high-end, which in turn helps me to attract new clients.”

To achieve an image similar to the one above, try using these simple tips:

Tip 1: Begin by investing in an 18-inch ring light. This is a fairly straightforward way of lighting if you’re new to lighting or would rather not purchase pro-quality lighting. 

Tip 2: To shoot my model, I used a Nikon D5300. The settings were: F-Stop 5 and ISO 800.


Tip 3: Using the diagram shown, place the ring light three feet from the model. Using the same diagram, shoot four and half to five feet from your model. Remember that the depicted angles are important, and using them correctly will determine your results.

By learning to master the basics of photography, you can get beautiful images that attract new clients with ease. For more tips, tricks and tutorials, visit

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