Salon Success: What's Your Plan B?

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A few weeks ago, I was in the Apple Store when I noticed a man with a nice haircut. So, I did what people do and complemented him on the cut. The complement turned into him telling me where he got it done and even suggesting that I go there. The downside? The barber was an hour away from where I lived, but no sweat, people drive far for appointments all of the time. 

I hadn’t been there before so I had to register for online booking and then I was able to select an appointment for 1 PM the next Saturday. That Saturday, I drove an hour to get there, parked the car and arrived at the barber shop 15 minutes early for my haircut. It was only a small shop—probably six chairs and they were busy. One of the barbers was with a client, but he asked my name. “I’m Antony,” I said, “I have a 1 o'clock appointment." He studied his screen and said, “We don't have any appointments under Antony."  I assured him that I had booked online for a 1 o'clock appointment. He asked me if I had the confirmation email and I didn’t and suddenly it was my fault. 

When things go wrong what’s your plan B? Had I made a mistake, had I not completed the online registration properly, had I not completed the booking process properly, had I booked it on another day?


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