10 Summer Marketing Tips for Salons

photo by helen_tosh/istock/getty images plus(Sola Salon Marketing)

If your schedule is falling by the wayside when June hits, don’t take it personally. With the exception of tourism, every single industry takes a hit during the summer months.

While there’s no one right way to cure the summertime blues, opportunities abound with a quick read of Sola’s strategic solutions for maximizing your time.

1. Seasonal Beauty Bolsters


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Take a peek at your favorite beauty websites and magazines and borrow their phrasing for fun descriptions. Summer beauty lends itself to braid bars, fast updos, an uptick in keratin treatments, highlighting, frequent pedicures, extended waxing, scalp facials, melt-proof makeup and more.

2. Create Added-Value Packages

A special seasonal offer may boost biz, and it could even land you new guests who’ll stick with you beyond Labor Day, like this genius best-practice from Sola’s first-ever studio owner Kimi BennettThink about running a blowout program for summer that carries into fall. For example, I want to raise my frequency of visit with existing customers: for slow periods, each blowout also includes complimentary conditioning treatment for summer hair. Or book now and receive 15 percent off retail. These were successes for me.”  

Look around your studio, and let your retail inspire you. Depending on your specialty, pair services with products that cost you very little.

3. Market Your Summer Promos

If you haven’t yet set up SolaGenius here’s a pivotal reason to do so: follow Kimi’s lead and use a text marketing campaign to spread the word about your summer specials! “With pre-written text messages ready for me to use, I can send out a campaign to all clients who haven’t booked yet for the summer in just a few taps,” an additional benefit. Don’t forget to share the love on social media, too!

4. Check Your Calendar

If you’re not using SolaGenius’ calendar function to the max, it’s time to reassess this situation. Review last summer’s peaks and valleys week by week. What were your busiest days and times? Most popular offerings? After looking back, consider giving yourself time off when you know everyone else is out of town.

5. Sharpen Your Scissors

Sola Pro means inspiration at your fingertips. Want to watch educational videos that range from artistic and marketing topics to motivation and more? Consider this primetime to broaden your knowledge with new techniques and tips that can grow your repertoire.

6. Stay Connected

When you invest time in your relationships, you’re investing in your salon in a powerful way. When regular clients aren’t coming in as often, it’s a good time to call or outreach, making this a habit throughout the year. Are you Facebook friends? Do they follow you on Insta? Whether it’s a follow-back, call or well-thought out comment on a post, a few words or emojis of approval show your interest in them outside your studio.

7. Grow Your Network

If you have a slow afternoon, hit the road and consider where your current and potential future clientele does during a typical day. Is it a weekly Weight Watchers meeting? A local Yoga studio? Introduce yourself to the front desk manager and tell her about your services. Ask her to come in and sample your services your guest. Be sure to bring a stack of cards for her to share with her clientele. 

Summer offers numerous opportunities for informal networking too: parties, barbecues, family get-togethers. The atmosphere is generally relaxed, and you’ll have a chance to talk to people outside your usual circles. Some of the most productive contacts and referrals often come from the most unlikely sources.

8. Get Organized

Take advantage of your free time by conducting product inventory in advance of busier months ahead. Are you tuned in to all of Sola’s available resources for managing and growing your business? When busy season arrives, and it takes less time to complete admin tasks based on your efforts, you’ll be glad you spent your summer maximizing efficiency!

9. Deal With Potential Tax Issues

You might not think of July as an important time for taxes but according to the Small Business Administration, there are many things you can do now for achieving a good outcome without scrambling in April. Catch up on paperwork and forms and meet with your tax advisor—or find one while their business is also slow.

10. Volunteer or Donate Your Services

Expand your inner circles and get your name out there: design hair or makeup for a local theater group in exchange for program credit. Or create and donate a branded-product basket with a gift certificate, including your card to a well-attended silent auction for charity. Make a sticker of your logo and hit the local florist for professional wrapping. Attend the event and greet everyone who bids on your basket, explaining your expertise.