5 Quick Beauty Services To Boost Your Bill

photo by 6okean/iStock/Getty Images Plus(quick beauty services)

Adding express services to your salon menu not only attracts time-crunched clients—it's also a quick business builder. 

1. Chicago’s Hair Fusion Bar offers the Glam Day GL-Tapes Express, which transforms clients’ hair in less than an hour with GL Tapes. First, the hair is prepped and 10 to 15 tapes are applied before hair is styled. Bonus: The extensions can be reused up to three times and last three to five weeks between re-tapes. greatlengths.net; hairfusionbar.com

2. Over and Under is a 30-minute service that BarberX Barbershop in Denver offers male clients in a hurry. First, Reuzel Astringent Foam is used to clean the area being shaved and steamy towels are applied. Next, Reuzel Shave Cream is lathered on before a quick shave. Moisturizer is applied after a face massage. The service ends with an ice-cold towel pressed to the face and the option to style with Reuzel Beard Balm. barberx.com; reuzel.com


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3. The Express Cart, found in most The Salon by InStyle Inside JCPenney locations, is a convenient way to offer quick services. The salons create events around the Express Cart and fill gaps in stylists’ schedules. The Salon by InStyle recently hosted a prom event, where stylists brought the Express Cart into the Junior Prom Pad while customers were shopping for dresses and gave free hair consultations and touch-ups. It not only fills stylists’ books, but attracts new clients, too. jcp.com

4. The Post Color Service Rapid Toning uses the Matrix Color Sync 5-Minute Speed Toners with a single process color to refresh mid-length/ends while the re-growth processes or to tone highlights. When he’s working at Rita Hazan and Andy Lecompte salons, Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas applies the toner with an applicator bottle in vertical sections on damp hair, then rinses and sprays with Total Results Lamination Spray to lock in color. matrix.com 

5. Hair & Co BKLYN in New York provides luxury blowouts in less than an hour with EBO (Express Blow Out). Apply the  Keratin Complex Express Blow Out treatment, which penetrates strands with keratin to reduce frizz and curl, then blow-dry and flat-iron hair. The express factor extends beyond the salon, reducing daily styling time for up to six weeks. hairandcobklyn.com; keratincomplex.com