5 Tips for Increasing Client Experience During the Holidays

(Andis Barbering)

The holiday season is sure to be one of the busiest times of the year for salon owners. While it's important to boost revenue throughout the winter months, it's equally important to create a top-notch environment for clients. Jessica Zeinstra, global education director for Andis, says it's possible to do both at the same time. Here, she shares five tips for increasing client experience during the holidays. 

  1. Encourage clients to pre-book. Start talking to clients about booking holiday appointments in September and October, especially to those who have a tendency to call last minute. Not only will it make your life easier behind the chair, but it will communicate to your clients that you care about them and want them to get the appointment time of their choice. Don’t forget to clearly communicate your business hours ahead of time so clients will know when you’ll be closed for the holiday.
  2. Upsell your services. From a massage to a facial and a quick eye brow wax or deep conditioning treatment, offer additional services that will make them feel more relaxed during the hectic holiday season. If your salon doesn’t provide spa services, consider partnering with one close by to promote each other’s services.
  3. Create holiday gift sets. Combine travel size products that complement each other into premade, gift wrapped packages to make your client’s search for the perfect stocking stuffer that much easier. Added bonus: it may encourage your client’s and their families to use more products from your salon!
  4. Consider your holiday tunes. You’ll find that a lot of salons and retailers enjoy playing holiday music during the season – me too! However, while I do enjoy the classic carols, these songs start playing as soon as Thanksgiving hits. I suggest forgoing the traditional holiday tunes and playing something more generic. If you’re feeling in the holiday spirit, try working them in every 5th song for a little more variety.
  5. Host a holiday styling client party. Invite your VIP clients in for an evening of champagne, light bites and holiday hairstyling tutorials they can recreate at home and rock during the holiday season. By providing them with simple tips and takeaways, they’ll walk away with having the best hair at the party and sharing rave reviews about the event to their friends. Additionally, consider offering a discount on products during the event so they can stock up on everything they need to recreate the look at home.  


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